Agnelica’s Story

Angelica looked for answers but did not find them until in 2012, she moved to North London.

Melanie’s Christmas

Our new business would be opening two weeks after Christmas, and I was working furiously to meet a book deadline. My husband and I had more to do than we had hours in the day.

The Olympians

Many Olympians spoke about their greatest life priority: their strong Christian faith.

Joel Ward (Crystal Palace)

He may be a Premier League player, but growing up in a Christian family has helped Joel Ward understand about what matters in life.

A Christmas Explosion

Felicity grew up in Australia with her mum and sister. Everything changed in 2011, ‘That year I returned to church at Christmas, and that’s when my faith really started – it was like an explosion!’

I have never looked back!

26 years ago my happy life changed completely when my lovely dad died of cancer.

In the car park of the hospital I sat between the cars and cried out, “I wish I believed there was not just this life! I don’t want this to be the end”.

Faith on & off Court

When lifting the winner’s trophy in Paris, Chang’s acceptance speech raised several eyebrows when he spoke of his Christian faith.