Angelika’s story

I am Angelika, I’m 26 years old and I am Polish. Since I can remember, I have always wanted to know more about God. I was curious about what He was like and had plenty of questions. Although I had attended a Catholic church, it was not until my Christian[…]

Agnelica’s Story

Angelica looked for answers but did not find them until in 2012, she moved to North London.


Being accepted made me feel happy, but I always wanted more.


Andy worked as a postman for many years. Here he tells how God changed his life. ‘I was brought up in a Christian environment. My grandparents and parents were Christians so I went to Sunday School as a child and to church from time to time with my parents. Although[…]

Melanie’s Christmas

Our new business would be opening two weeks after Christmas, and I was working furiously to meet a book deadline. My husband and I had more to do than we had hours in the day.

The Olympians

Many Olympians spoke about their greatest life priority: their strong Christian faith.

Testimoney: Vern Nicollete

It’s a bright and sunny Sunday morning many, many years ago. I’m tuning up my mountain bike and looking forward to having some fun riding the nearby desert canyon trails. I