Agnelica’s Story

Agnelica’s Story

Angelica looked for answers but did not find them until in 2012, she moved to North London.

Reading the Bible

Angelica writes: Since I can remember, I have always wanted to know more about God, I was curious about what He was like and I had plenty of questions. I looked for the answers but did not find them until in 2012, I moved to North London where I used to share a house with one Christian woman (now my friend), who gave me a Bible.

When I first started reading the Bible I realised that it is full of guidelines. It shows us how to act in life. It tells what we should avoid and explains why. It also says how we should treat other people and ourselves. It was something I really needed, as I often did not know the right way to act in life. I had never had any good examples to follow.

I also realised that God is so loving and kind and that He does not give us His commandments to limit or to enslave us, but to protect us and free us from sin. I found the answers to my questions, an example to follow (Jesus), and I got to know God. I got to know His character – kind, loving, forgiving, caring and faithful. I decided to give Him my life and I was baptised a few months after I made the decision, in June 2013.

God leads me every day, teaches me and makes my life meaningful. I am so grateful that I am now part of God’s family.

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