Andy worked as a postman for many years. Here he tells how God changed his life.

‘I was brought up in a Christian environment. My grandparents and parents were Christians so I went to Sunday School as a child and to church from time to time with my parents.

Although I grew up in a Christian home and went to church, I wasn’t really interested in God, so when I was old enough to make my own decisions, I stopped going to church.

Later, due to the death of my granddad, I met some people from the church he attended who were very supportive to us as a family. I started to go to the Youth meeting and later to the church on Sunday.

One Sunday, the church had invited some young men who came to share how God had transformed their lives. One of them told his story of how Jesus had changed his life – he had been a ‘Hell’s Angel’ and he had shared some graphic details of the life he had led.

When I saw how dramatically God had changed his appearance and outlook on life, I realised that I too needed to know God in the same way. I have known Jesus since 1985 and can tell you that I have experienced for myself that HE IS REAL!’

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