Sheryll’s story…. ‘something was missing!’

Sheryll’s story…. ‘something was missing!’

During my childhood, the only religious instruction came from school. As a family we only attended church for weddings and funerals.

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My journey with God began a few years ago when our daughter Emily attended a Holiday Bible Club which was organised by a local church.

To be honest I saw it as an excuse to keep her occupied for a couple of hours a day during the first week of the holidays. As the week went on Emily would come home with tales of what they had done and I became curious.

That weekend, a church service was held to celebrate the Holiday Bible Club and we were given a warm welcome by the leaders and other members of the church family. It was not at all what I expected, everyone was so friendly and from that Sunday on we became regular visitors Continued. I had felt that something was missing in the jigsaw of my life. I had a loving husband, a happy, healthy child and all the material things in life but there was something else.

Over the months, I listened to the sermons in church, began to pray and read the bible. I have to admit I did (and sometimes still do) get confused about the detail of what is being said but the message is clear. God sent His Son the Lord Jesus Christ to die for us and save us from sin. I will always remember listening to a sermon when the speaker said that if we only remembered one thing from that day, to remember this – “Jesus died for me.”

I am happy to acknowledge this truth in front of my family and friends. The saying is true that God works in mysterious ways , and I have found the missing piece of the jigsaw of my life.

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